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How to Make a Crude Ladder

    • 1). Set two 2-by-4s down on a flat surface. Cut them down to a length of no more than 6 feet. Keep the scraps cut off from the 2-by-4s.

    • 2). Set the cut pieces of no more than 6 feet next to each other, and separate them by 18 inches. These will serve as the sides of the ladder.

    • 3). Cut seven 18-inch pieces of 2-by-4 from the scraps. Measure out striations on the sides every 12 inches, starting from one end of each.

    • 4). Attach the 18-inch pieces between the sides at each 12-inch marking. Use a drill and wood screws.

    • 5). Set the crude ladder against a wall, tree or structure, making sure it is at an angle, and use it as a modest-height ladder.

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