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Use Cable Management to Fireproof Your Cables

Effective cable management is essential for any business that makes use of electrical and electronics items (which would be all).
Jumbled up and tangled cables are a safety hazard to all, both, due to the danger posed by people tripping over them, as well as due to the fire hazard they pose.
Most wire jackets are made of materials prone to fire.
If a fire starts in the server room or in equipment near the cables, it would easily spread to the cables if you do not manage them well.
Not only this, the cables themselves can start fire and it will be quite widespread if they are in a disarray.
Cable management, like any other management, starts at the beginning.
If you take care of your cable placement while installing your devices, then you will not have to worry about things after-wards.
If possible, use the ones with fire proof jackets.
Design your equipment placement and routes in such a way that the individual cables have plenty of space and look neat as well.
Take care of the cable factor while adding equipments and servers.
You may even use wire tacks or metal conduits (metals are fire resistant, after all) to cover up cables, as well as keep everything neat and fireproof.
The tacks should be fire resistant.
If you already have a messed up server room, then you will have to look at other cable management options.
You could use accessories such as cable trays, trunking, and baskets for the purpose.
Cable trays, made of metal (aluminum, steel, or galvanized steel) are commonly used in industrial and office settings to manage cables.
The trays could be either ventilated, which allow for air circulation, or solid bottom, which gives maximum protection but would require additional fittings or cutting for cable to get in or out.
Plastic trays are also available, but these are not be fire resistant.
Cable baskets are meshed conduits (which look like baskets) that can contain your cables and keep them out of the way.
They are even useful with desk equipments, such as your computers or television monitors.
They are not permanent and are probably among the easiest and cheapest cable management systems.
Cable trunking is similar in the sense that it is a common name given to most of these cable conduits (permanent), cable wraps, and cable organizers (which cover cables on three sides).

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