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Lesser known Liguria - a perfect Italian holiday destination

Geographically Liguria is a very small region in Italy, but it is bursting with colourful scenery, picturesque coastline and pretty little towns and villages. It stretches in a strip along the shoreline and for this reason it is probably best known for its uninterrupted miles of beautiful sandy beaches and secluded pebble strewn coves. If you want a holiday by the sea then Liguria would be an ideal choice. The layout of the region is such that many holiday rentals in the area have a stunning sea view. There are resorts all along the coast so whichever stretch of shore you choose there will be a villa or an apartment to suit you. You will never be far from a forest of almonds and pines or a grove of olives and lemons. In a word, idyllic.

Liguria may be small but it is certainly not short on character. Dotted amongst the sandy stretches are glitzy destinations a-plenty. Essentially this area is the Italian Riviera so if you want chic and stylish surroundings then look no further. In particular ports like San Remo and Portofino are not to be missed and a villa there would be the height of glamour. You will feel like you've just stepped off a film set! And if you can't resist the allure of the original French Riviera then look for a holiday rental in the Western part of the region. Here you will be situated in the gorgeous, unspoilt Ligurian countryside but you will also be a stone's throw from Monte Carlo itself. The bright lights of the casino beckon!

The capital of the area is Genoa which is famous not only for being a lively seaport but also for playing host to a number of well-known historical figures from Lord Byron to Ernest Hemingway. Most notably, Genoa is the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, and to this day his legacy very much lives on. You can even visit the explorer's house. Other attractions in Genoa which are worth a visit on your holiday are the Royal Palace with its splendid art collection, and the bustling harbour for a bite to eat.

The whole of Liguria is an area of outstanding natural beauty and you should make sure you see as much of it as possible, whether by foot or by car. If you do nothing else here you should take a drive round the coast and marvel at how the landscape continuously changes and takes your breath away. If your idea of a perfect holiday is a self-catering villa with a private swimming pool in the Italian countryside then you would be hard pressed to do better than a property in the heart of Liguria. From mountains and hills to quaint villages and lush forests it is a true escape. Last, but by no means least, do not miss the fascinating and mesmerising Cinque Terre. This is a collection of five fishing villages on the Ligurian coastline and the views are unrivalled. A holiday property on the Cinque Terre coastline is Italy at its very best.

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