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Gel Fireplaces - How They Work

Gel fireplaces are ventless fireplaces that are fast replacing the old wood-burning units. These devices serve as amazing replacement units because they work in a simple and easy way. Their installation can be done very quickly. Their operation is not complex. And, their use is pretty safe.

Installing fireplaces used to be a dilemma for many homeowners because of the permanent and costly construction of the vent system. With the gel fireplaces, however, none of the vent system installation will be required. Although the fuel used to power these devices burns and produces real flame, the by-product produced can only be comprised of moisture. This is possible because the gel fuel is manufactured from isopropyl alcohol which has been turned into gel form. It is widely known that alcohol burns cleanly without producing any toxic gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Because of this, there is no vent required for their installation. And so when you purchase your gel fuel units, you can quickly set them up in any place that you want. You can swiftly display your free-standing units and hang your wall-mounted units right away.

When it comes to the operation of these devices, the process is not at all complex. The gel fuels can be lighted up similar to a candle and this can be done safely with the aid of a long-nose lighter. Each canister of gel fuel can produce a good amount of heat that is about 3,000 BTUs. If you wish for more roaring fire, you can use three cans simultaneously to give off a total of 9,000 BTUs. The gel fuel flames can be put down using a snuffer or you may safely run them throughout the night. Once the gel completely burns off, they will simply die down.

This simple operation is a far cry from when you are utilizing a wood-burning hearth. Using these devices, you experience no firewood gathering and no clean-ups. You don't even have to constantly keep an eye on them because no wood embers will be coming out flying.

The gel fireplaces are also very safe to use. You don't have to worry about inhaling any smoke or toxic fumes in the air. Although this issue can be quite controversial, you can prove your point when the mandated use of carbon monoxide detectors and oxygen depletion sensors together with these devices will never go off. When it comes to fire safety, the heat and flame is well-contained into the solid steel firebox where these fireplaces operate.

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