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Why bother with a personal trainer?

So, let me get this straight, what is this personal training thing all about?  Ok, so you give someone some money and they stand over you and count how many times you do something.  You do this for usually an hour and give them what?  60, 70, 80 bucks an hour…maybe more.  That's it!  Who would do that, for weeks, months maybe years?

Can't someone figure this out by themselves, who needs this trainer to do that, c'mon I don't get it.

Well, here is the deal.  Yes, I'm talking to you out there.  Don't you want to look good?  HHMM, well you probably do but ok you don't have to admit it, yet.   You do want to feel good I would assume…yes?  Who doesn't?  Do you want to be healthier?  Of course you do.  How about this one: do you want to look and feel younger?  The truth is, we all want most, if not all, of the benefits derived from a healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercising properly and consistently. 

But giving someone money to tell them to stand around while I exercise for an hour and doing it 2 or 3 times a week.   For what?  "I can do it myself"  Right.  I've got better things to do with my money.  So you say you can do it yourself.   I'm looking around, believe me I look around.  You tell me, is it happening?   So I'm walking around just looking at people, like at the supermarket, at the mall, out eating, and at the gym, yes even at the gyms.  I am sorry to say but what are they doing because they just don't look that healthy, that young, that good.  OK I am pretty critical.  But, that's what I do and I tell it like it is.

But, I haven't made my point yet.   Let me tell what personal training is not.  It is not giving your hard earned money to someone who just stands over you and counts how many times you do something and then tells you "good job", and "I'll see you Thursday".

It's about much more than that.  You see, when you pay a good trainer for that hour it's not really just for that hour.   You are making an investment in a lifestyle, a new way to live your life.   The money, well its either gonna be wasted or you are going to use that as way to commit to making the changes necessary for being different than everyone else.  Because if you just show up and exercise for that hour but do nothing else, you won't see the results that you expect to be "life changing".  You are going to have to make some adjustments in your life so that you really feel the new you emerge and the old you become what it is really meant to be.

The human body was meant for exercise.  Without it there is no reason for it to stay strong, youthful, and yes, physically attractive.  Oh, and that's only a small part of the equation.  We need to address the way we eat, sleep, react to stress, and basically live.  It really depends on what you want.   Immediate gratification sure feels good now, but you will eventually pay the price.  Delay your gratification, make proper food choices, practice discipline, and be consistent with it all and the results will be long lasting.  So, what's my point?  I just don't see that happening in our society;  Do you know where I see it happening, a lot?   In our gym, with people that pay for personal training. 

It's not just what happens in the gym that matters, it's what you take with you when you leave that really matters most.   I can tell you from my own personal experience that practicing all the things I'm talking about really makes you feel different.   I will admit that I was always exercising.  Yes I would meet my friends in the gym and we would "lift weights", and then go eat pizza.  Of course weekends we hung out and had beer, didn't get much sleep, party some more, lift more weights, etc etc etc.  Although we lifted weights, I wouldn't really call it exercise, and we only did the exercises that we liked to do over and over again.  There was no organized routine, we weren't informed about what to eat, drank too much, and didn't think about any alternative that would have made us feel better and happier.  That was probably about 25 years ago or more. 

And now, at 50, I just don't feel that I have grown any older.  "In everything" not just in the gym.   I feel better than ever, have endless energy, no aches and pains, look and feel better than most  25 year olds.  Why?  Because I discipline myself to know what it is that will benefit my mind and body on a daily basis.   I know what is important to me and what makes me feel good.  When I make a decision about what to eat I say to myself is this going to make me feel better than what I want to look like and how I want to feel.  I no longer have any food cravings.  I eat what my body was meant to eat.  

Does that mean I never enjoy a fun meal?  You could never convince my 8 year old niece that I eat healthy, " Hey Uncle Gary's coming over we're having ice cream".  But my 14 year old nephew knows the truth, " C'mon Gary lift up your shirt I wanna see your six pack".

 Do you want it bad enough?  I know from experience you would be a happier person by living the lifestyle that comes with the effort and discipline that I am describing here.  But how does one get this going and keep this going?  By letting the personal training process get into your blood.  You make the commitment of money and time and you just don't let it go to waste.  You commit to the process, you become what you were meant to be and you will be what you want to be.

The only way to change you is to change the patterns that were not working.  Follow this and you will be just what the trainer ordered.  On your own, it won't happen, believe me…it won't. 

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