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Planning to Get a Diamond Ring? Analyze the 4 C"s of Diamonds, Before You Buy One

Diamonds are something really very precious and beautiful, but to buy a proper, pure diamond you need a lot of knowledge, that is you must know the basics of diamonds to judge whether what your buying is genuine or not.
Most of us wish to get a diamond ring for our special occasions like engagement or wedding.
Though they are quite high priced, the joy your spouse will have when you give him/her a diamond is priceless.
It will be an immense pleasure to the spouse for having received a diamond ring on their special occasion by his or her loved one.
As said, the return you get for such a costly gift is nothing but love and affection.
Do not think that diamonds are really very costly and it is not possible by a normal man to buy and so on, it is all up to the shop you have selected to buy, you must go to a store which has collections from the bare minimum to very high price.
It must be a store which has loads of collections in all ranges of price and variety.
Never be in a hurry while selecting diamonds, as you know it's something which is really very precious and expensive.
So take your own time to select the apt and beautiful diamond or diamond ring for yourself or your spouse.
Moreover when you're selecting a diamond ring, make sure you check the four important C's of diamonds.
It doesn't mean that you have to check it in a professional manner but the basics of the 4 C's, which a normal man can check and analyze.
The four C's include color, carat, cut and clarity.
Color: the moment you think about diamond, first thing which strikes your mind is a sparkling white stone, generally diamonds are found in white or colorless.
There are colored diamonds also which are priced little less than the colorless ones.
The colored diamonds are often not preferred as white diamonds do.
So make sure you get a pure white stone which sparkles well if you're opting for a colorless one.
Carat: carat is nothing but value of the diamond.
That is the weight of the diamond, this is often mistaken as size of the diamond, and carat has nothing to do with size 0.
2g is equal to 1 carat.
So ask the store manager what the weight of the diamond is and its value.
Cut: cut is nothing but the way the rough diamond has been shaped up to one form.
The most common cut which they generally do is the modern brilliant cut.
Cut is responsible for the sparkling of the diamond, more number of cuts, the more it shines and sparkles.
Poor quality diamonds are not well cut, so make sure the diamond you have selected is well cut and sparkling.
Clarity: as said earlier, we can't check or judge any aspect professionally, but as a lay man we can check the basics, likewise in checking the clarity of a diamond, you have to see whether there are any impurities in the diamond, check if any foreign particles are trapped inside.
Check for any flaws in the diamond, whether there are any black spots or scratch inside the stone.

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