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Are Hosta Plants Dangerous to Dogs If Ingested?


    • If you have discovered that your dog has eaten hostas, it's important to remain as calm as possible so you can get fast treatment for your dog.

    Seek Treatment

    • Call your veterinarian or an animal poison control center immediately. It's a good idea to keep these numbers near your phone in case of emergency.

    Provide Description

    • Explain what and how much your dog has eaten along with the breed, age, sex and weight of your dog. Describe any symptoms that your dog may have.

    Follow Instructions

    • You may be asked to induce vomiting and will be given instructions on how to do so with your dog. A 3-percent hydrogen peroxide solution is usually used to induce vomiting, but the amount to use will depend on the weight of your dog.


    • A wise investment for any pet owner is an emergency first-aid kit for your pet.

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