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Charm BraceletsA Cherished Possession

It is a known fact that diamonds are a girls best friend but it can also be said that any type of jewelry is loved by women all around the globe. Why women even men are fond of wearing stylish jewelry pieces.

One such piece that is appreciated by people especially teenagers are the charm bracelets. The bracelet which is worn around the wrist has decorative trinkets or pendants hanging from it. The history of charm bracelets dates back to 5000 BC. It was first worn by Egyptians to fulfill their religious or spiritual purposes. They were usually made of stones, wood or bones. Similarly these charm bracelets were worn in different cultures to ward off bad luck or evil spirits. It became a fashion whim in the 20th century amongst nobles after Queen Victoria sported it.

The charm bracelets have taken another meaning in todays time. The charms carry a significant importance for the person wearing it. It can be related to the milestones achieved in their life. They are usually the first bracelet worn by a person. It is a beautiful present that can be gifted at birthdays, graduation or weddings signifying a landmark in the wearers life. Young brides like to gift charm bracelets to their bridesmaid as a present to be worn at the wedding.

Teenagers like to collect trinkets and assemble them in the bracelet either for themselves or their friends. It is a growing trend to gift charm bracelets to friends and thus making it a friendship bracelets. These bracelets can be of gold, silver or even of thread. Friendship bracelets are often handmade using embroidery floss, thread or beads. These bracelets are very popular amongst the young crowd.

The charm friendship bracelets come in various materials like chain, leather, pearl or even semi precious stones. These bracelets are really treasured by friends and hold a special place in their hearts. These bracelets are especially gifted on friendships day celebrated everywhere on the first Sunday of August each year.

The charm bracelets have many links on them which can be added or removed according to ones preferences. It can be a worn to represent ones personal style or preference. Music lovers can wear the bracelets which have musical instruments as charms dangling from it or new mothers can wear the bracelets with their babys name or picture on it. The charm bracelet becomes a part of you.

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