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How to Fertilize Deciduous Trees

Early Spring Fertilizing

  • 1). Apply dry fertilizer around the drip line of the deciduous tree in early spring before the foliage begins to grow. The term "drip line" refers to the imaginary line on the soil that corresponds to the outward edge of the leaves.

  • 2). Dibble (mix) the fertilizer into the soil using a trowel or hoe after you have placed the fertilizer around the drip line.

  • 3). Apply a layer of mulch and compost to prevent the soil from drying out and to keep weeds from growing near the base of the tree. Keep the mulch at least 6 to 8 inches away from the trunk to prevent fungus diseases and to allow for maximum air circulation.

  • 4). Water around the drip line to move the fertilizer deep into the soil where the roots can pick it up.

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