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How You Can Use Article Marketing to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Article marketing remains one of the best ways to enhance the search engine ranking of your website. It is an obvious fact that increasing your link profile is one of the means to get recognition from search engines and writing as well as submission of articles to directories will give you the opportunity to get one-way backlinks to your website.

Marketing your articles requires using white-hat principles in order not to incur the wrath of search engines. Your articles must be original and compelling because that is what top directories want. They must be free from grammatical and spelling errors as these types of works will not be accepted. You should endeavor to create works that will be of high quality so that your reputation with editors and readers will be enhanced.

Furthermore, it is important to deal with directories that are not penalized by Google. If you submit to such sites, it would adversely affect the ranking of your site. Also, you should check the page rank (PR) of sites you want to submit to and avoid sites with poor PR especially those with PR lower than 2.

Also, article spinning is a black-hat practice which should be avoided because search engine robots can now detect them and punish such sites where they are published. Majority of spun articles are not meaningful to human readers since they are generally used to woo search engine robots. But due to change in Google's algorithm, spun articles are now easily detected which can lead the sites where they are published into troubled waters.

Moreover, if you want to submit one article to multiple sites, you should do it manually and follow best SEO practice. The best SEO practice is to first submit it to only one directory and after approval as well as after it is indexed by Google, you should then syndicate it to other sites. This will give more exposure to the article but only one link will be credited to your site. Your website will also be in search engines' good books because the robots will not see you as someone trying to trick the system. But it is advisable to submit one original article to one directory for long term SEO gain.

It is also worthwhile to submit your articles to directories with massive traffic. This will ensure that your works are read by many people thereby increasing traffic to your site and boosting its ranking. You can check how a website is ranked as regards traffic by checking its Alexa ranking. I will also advise you to deal with directories you can log in to so that it will be easier for you to monitor your submissions. Some sites will only ask you to submit your articles without providing platform to log in to your account to see pending, rejected and approved articles. I strongly believe that this is not good enough for successful campaign.

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