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Nature Science - Whale and Marine Mammals Watching Curtailed Oceanic Dead Zones

An ocean dead zone is an area where the water is void of oxygen and thus nothing can live there.
Without fish and plankton in the water there will be no reason for whales or other marine mammals to congregate.
Dead Zones occur when the pollution from mankind gets into the coast areas through urban runoff or from fertilizers and nitrates that run off from agricultural areas and flow downstream into the ocean.
  Many scenic tours that do whale watching have been hampered in recent years because the sea life is no longer in the area.
This is quite unfortunate for many reasons.
For instance, a tour boat operator will go out of business and the public cannot view the diversity of life or understand the sea life in the ocean.
  Likewise it makes fishing companies go broke and means that any fish in the area that are caught probably have high mercury content or are poisoned or diseased.
In other words don't eat the sushi or buy shell fish nearby.
These problems are not uncommon and they happen all over the world, usually near big metropolitan areas.
  It takes years to clean up the mess, nature will clean it up on its own, but that takes time, meanwhile the dead zone remains and it is indeed, the fault and poor judgment of mankind, as he pollutes his environment and the surrounding areas.
  Some dead zones have huge algae blooms that are toxic and cause such things as the red-tide, killing 100s of millions of fish and further hurting the eco-system as the ocean currents send these red tides towards the shore each year.
If you live in an area that once had abundant marine mammal life and now there is little, your area is mostly likely at risk of becoming one of these dead zones.

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