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How to Come Into Alignment With Your Kick-Ass Dream

In the last article I left you pondering the question: "How do I get into alignment with my big dream?" I will share one way with you now.
Focus on the "What" and the "Why" of your dream and forget about the "How" for now.
I know that this may sound like crazy talk, but I assure you that I have not gone around the bend with this one.
Let me break it down for you.
Most people spend less than a minute focusing on what their kick-ass dream is going to feel like once they are living it, before they immediately shift into "How am I going to make this happen" mode.
At this point, you do not have a clear plan around "HOW" you are going to go about making your dream happen, so it creates a bit of resistance inside of you.
This resistance shows up as confusion, frustration, self-doubt, and overwhelm.
(I am sure you can come up with a few feelings of your own here.
) Once you are in the bad feeling place you are not in alignment with your dream, and it makes it very difficult for you to manifest it.
At this point, if you were like me, you would find yourself giving up and moving onto something else, or getting resentful and pulling up one of your old scapegoat stories around why you can't have this dream or why you do not deserve it.
Now let's look at this process from another perspective.
What if you spent a majority of your time focusing on the "What" and the "Why" of your kick-ass dream? The "What" being the thing you want to manifest, and the "Why" being the reason you are doing it.
By spending your time focusing on these things, you are tapping into the good feelings that living your dream will bring you.
The more you explore how it is going to feel to be living your dream, and how kick-ass it is going to be, the more you are expanding those juicy good feelings.
By focusing on the juicy good feelings, you are bringing yourself into alignment with your dream.
A really cool thing happens when you do this: The details of "How" to create your dream begin to unfold before you.
By focusing on the "What" and "Why" you have created the perfect space for the "How" to show up.
So, tell me, WHAT is your kick-ass dream and WHY do you want it? Next time I will share with you the potential pitfalls to watch out for when doing this.

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