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To Shine As a Groom!!!

Everything is for that day the very precious day in every one's life. Wedding the most important as well as a day of pride. Due to these reasons, money dose not matters at all. Nevertheless, not in the case of Wedding dresses . We can even say that there is no bridegroom partiesspends minimum of 5000 $ for the wedding dress for the same day. But a major portion of these spends in the range of10000 $to 20000 $ . Even before marriage, the groom would have dreams about the design of wedding dress that would wear on that day. Even more beautiful designs, size, colors are available in the wedding market. It may be even better than that of what they have thought of.

Not only on marriage days but also during a day before marriage( Muslims call it as Mehandi ceremony) during reception days etc where they need to appear in new dresses. In many branded shops, all these dresses are available under a single roof called ‘Bridal Collections'.

Even if all theses are, so the importance of Indian Bridal Sari's had not been declined. But these varieties silk saree is available in market in different color and design


Indian Bridal Sari's Collections

Silk Saree

The famous and popular among this isKanchipuram saris . The fans ofBanaras saris had started to decline. Since the traditional-style sarieshad diverted to elders, brocade style sarees had been placed for grooms. There is even a separate branch called bridal-brocade. In brocade there are different styles, antique, bavinchi border decorated with different types of stones, pearls colored in metallic, traditional, dusky and goes on.. It makes her more beautiful in wedding albums and also in the memories album, which will never fade.

There are different types of silk sarees available in the market in which it is decorated with Jerry works of Kanchipuram silk, which is the most popular among them with a minimum of 25000$

In the color of the silk saree the most demanded colors are Chilly Red, Wine Meron, Onion Pink, Rani Pink, Happy Blue etc. Many do wear Kalakshetra, Banaras sarees too. Don't be sadden if the amount that you have for purchasing Kanchipuram because for about 1000 $ Banaras nylon sarees are also available in the silk's design or else for about 150$ jerry worked brocade power loom sarries are also available.

There must also be good cherished sarries for people accompanying the bride, for that party wear, sarries are also available in the market. The saree that decorated with the jute threads popularly known as Gicha. It comes in both Kanchipuram and Banaras. There are also many designs on different size and different shape, which is countless.

Gagra Cholie

The Gagra and Choli with had been seen previously only in Northern parts of India had started to appear in Kerala too for the marriage purpose. It seems fit when the bride wearsSharvani and the groom in Gagra. The Gagra with flair works in red-meroon, green, and goes on which every spouse would enjoy wearing. Now Gagra even appears in market from Flair cut to Fisher cut.


At the time of reception the major noted once are the same fresh-couples. Therefore, they have the responsibility to fit in their best. So now, in the market there are salvar costing by about 2500$  for the it with fully worked off. The designed salvaris available with minimum of 2500$. The most trended among this are 5jewles, 9jewles, Suryavamsha. These also come in pure silk. Anarkali Salvars are good in the filed of readymade to point out for best works. Sawaria cutting is also demanded mostly. In case of churidars Gicha worked are also demanded. Exclusive salvars with gicha works are also available. Kashmir border-worked salvars are also in the frond row of demand. It is a real fact that the groom is fully capable only if she is well dressed.


Designer Saree

In silk, in soft crape, in chiffon, in georgette, we can see that it is filled with designs in each and every corner. The people who desire to come out in dark colored are now favored with designed ones. Designs are done inItalian crapes with a cost around 10000$. The cost may also decrease if the qualities of materials are poor with starts with an initial value of 1500$.

Gagra Saree

Now the demand for Gagra saree had increased. With lot of antique works, sardosi. This comes in skirt rather than in flit, to know the actual beauty of it we should see it in its multi-color. Red, green, meroon, orange or as we wish. But mostly demanded is of Light-colored ones.


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