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How to Comb a Husky

    • 1). Comb the husky's head with a shed blade to remove large clumps of hair. Work your way down to the body and legs and finish with the tail.

    • 2). Brush against the hair to lift even more loose fur. Reach down through to the skin as much as possible. Comb the hair from head to tail with a wide-tooth comb.

    • 3). Mix two parts water with one part conditioner in a spray bottle. Mist the fur if you come across any tangles. Gently comb to help loosen the knots.

    • 4). Bathe the dog. Brush the dog with a rubber curry brush in a circular motion. This will bring up the undercoat and dirt. Dry the dog's hair with a hair dryer, and simultaneously brush it with a metal comb or pin brush.

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