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Six Reasons Why You Do Not Get Interview Calls

Beginning the job search without proper planning will make it even more difficult to get a good job than anticipated.
Most job seekers, no matter how experienced, make some of the most common mistakes during the job search process that result in the failure to get interview calls they have been waiting for.
Sending applications to irrelevant jobs In a desperate attempt, many job seekers apply to every kind of job even if the job description does not completely match with their credentials.
This simply is a waste of time and effort and can actually work against you if an employer finds out that you have applied to all the jobs posted by them.
Poorly drafted resume Considerable time and effort is required to draft an error-free resume with appropriate details that will catch the attention of the recruiter.
It must not have any spelling or grammatical mistakes and should be decently presented without loud fonts or colors.
The resume should have just the right details and should not be too long or too short.
It should be customized according to the job requirement and must contain certain keywords relevant to the job.
Poorly drafted cover letter or no cover letter at all This is one of the biggest mistakes job seekers do when applying for a job.
There are so many applications without the cover letter.
It becomes difficult to sort out applications and puts off the recruiter.
Also, many recruiters want to first read through the cover letter to gather the most important information about the candidate before going through the resume.
If cover letter is drafted as a standard letter used for applying to all jobs and is not specifically attending to the particular job applied, it will not entice the hiring manager to open the resume document.
Not researching the company and the job A common behavior of job seekers is to go to job portals and apply to all relevant jobs present there without giving much thought to the type of company they are applying to and the nature of the job.
Failing to gather this information will mean that relevant information that the hiring manager is looking for will be missing from the cover letter and the resume.
Not following the directions The application procedure should be followed as directed.
If there is a demand for a cover letter, it must be sent.
Sometimes employers mention the type of format acceptable for the resume and cover letter document.
That should be followed strictly.
Many hiring managers simply reject an application if it is not following directions.
Not following up Sometimes the reason for not getting an interview call is simply that the job seeker failed to follow up after submitting the application.
It could be possible that you were called for the interview but missed that call.
The employer might not make the same call twice.
It is a good idea to follow up within two weeks of sending the application.

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