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Great River Race London

About the Great River Race:

The Great River Race is an annual rowing race on London's River Thames, sometimes know as London's River Marathon. The course is a grueling 21 miles running upstream from the Docklands in the east to Ham, Richmond, in the west. Over 300 traditional rowed and paddled crafts take part including Chinese dragon boats, Hawaiian war canoes, and Viking longboats.

A few years ago, one of the first boats that came under London Bridge looked very low in the water and we were a bit concerned they might sink.

So were the support boats and they ordered every one off the boat! And just in time, as it disappeared under the water! See more Great River Race Photos.

Race Route:

Start:Docklands Sailing Centre, Millwall Riverside, Westferry Road, London Docklands
Finish:Ham House, Greenwich
See full course.

When: An annual event in September close to the The Mayor's Thames Festival.

2015 Date: Saturday 12 September 2015, start approximately 10.05.

Where to Watch:

Tower Bridge is one of the most popular spectator spots so I would recommend watching from London Bridge - the next bridge along the River Thames. The course is over 20 miles long so cheer on the competitors.
  • Other popular bridges include:
  • Richmond Bridge
  • Hammersmith Bridge
  • Wandsworth Bridge
  • Battersea Bridge
  • Westminster Bridge

Tickets: Free to watch.

Official Website:

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