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Understanding ClickBank - Who to Ask For Help

If you are new to affiliate marketing and want to become a successful ClickBank affiliate, you may be having a hard time understanding ClickBank and what it entails.
I mean, there is so much information out there that you may just be feeling totally overwhelmed.
Sound familiar? I read a post in a forum earlier where a ClickBank newbie was asking for help in his quest for ClickBank success, and how he was prepared to offer a commission split of 50/50 for assistance.
Well, with the extreme wealth of internet super highway information available to you, you surely do not need to offer up your ClickBank commission to a stranger for what might seem like good help, but may turn out to be bogus.
There is a large group of ClickBank affiliates who prey on affiliate marketing newbies, and offer to help them in return for up to 75% of the newbie's commission.
Ouch, that must hurt.
However, if you choose that route, you will never get to the pinnacle of understanding ClickBank for yourself and keeping all your commission.
So, having said all that, where do you turn for help? Well, firstly, read all the FREE stuff you can find on the internet - you will be surprised how understanding ClickBank will flourish in your own mind.
Secondly, dig deeper and research a program or system that will help you with understanding ClickBank and what steps you must take to start earning commission.
(Don't rely on strangers, find a tried and trusted program to assist you.
) Thirdly: join forums and read blogs that answer any additional questions you may have.
Voila, understanding ClickBank, check! And no commission shared.

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