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Combining the Effectiveness of Article Marketing With Pay Per Click Advertising

Do you know that you can combine two of the best traffic generation methods and get amazing results? Most marketers specialize in just article marketing or pay per click advertising.
Very rarely do you meet someone who do both.
For instance, some marketers hate writing, so they just focus on PPC.
Other marketers are good at writing, and they hate dealing with Google's quality scores.
So they focus on article marketing.
But when you do both, you are in for a pleasant surprise.
Let me explain how this works.
I have been saying this a lot - content marketing is not just good for driving targeted traffic, it is also very effective when it comes to building brand awareness.
When someone searches for information pertaining to a particular subject, your content keeps emerging on page one of Google.
Perhaps this individual didn't buy anything the first time he reads an article.
But if the same pattern keeps occurring again and again, the same individual starts to think, "Hey, I've read a good article written by this author before.
Here is another piece of informative article.
Maybe he really does have something good to offer.
" Article marketing is working its magic.
Now think about PPC.
Sometimes, it's hard for PPC to work because no one knows about you or your Company.
In other words, you don't enjoy the benefits of having a positive brand.
So you use content to help build up a positive image.
At the same time, you use PPC ads to remind search visitors that you are offering great products.
You realize that your PPC campaigns start to convert better.
This can even be a great business strategy.
Many product publishers use this strategy with great success.
They don't create the PPC ads.
Their affiliates do that.
But when affiliates make sales, they make sales too.
That's the power of branding (all thanks to article marketing).

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