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How Does Wearing School Uniforms Help Reduce Discipline Problems?

    A Sense of Belonging

    • Wearing a school uniform inculcates a sense of belonging in students. This helps them to identify with the school's code of ethics -- its rules and regulations. Discipline problems are reduced because students feel answerable to school authorities; wearing a uniform keeps them connected -- to each other and to the school. Uniforms remove class differences and encourage sameness. Students feel a sense of moral obligation to the school. A sense of belonging makes them see the school as an extension of home.

    Fewer Cliques

    • Uniforms remove differences of background and class; wearing the same clothes makes all students on par with each other. They compete on a level field, and the competition is restricted to achieving academic or sports superiority, not who dresses better. Dress-identified cliques are broken and bullying, peer pressure, taunting decreases. Everyone has an equal chance of making it to the top; clothes do not matter.

    Uniform Code

    • A uniform code leads to fewer ambiguities regarding modes of dress and acceptable apparel for students. In the absence of a uniform code, students may take liberties with dress: Too revealing or too provocative dress may be worn; objectionable material may be printed and worn on T-shirts. School authorities will not face these problems if a uniform code is implemented in school; students will have a clear idea of what is acceptable or unacceptable, and discipline violations will decrease.

    Petty Crimes Averted

    • When students do not have a uniform code, they have to worry about competition regarding clothes and dressing up. Those who can't afford new clothes or designer outfits will feel insecure and low on self-esteem. Implementing a school uniform policy leads to fewer thefts and petty crimes; expensive items are not lost and students stay within bounds. Moreover, gang-related fights and brawls outside school also decrease as students feel they can be recognized because of the uniform.

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