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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A frightened Belle comforts Claire in the van as she flashes back to telling Philip to go to hell right after Shawn kicked her out of the pub, then encountering Crystal and Rob outside Sami’s apartment, then being on the phone with Philip begging for help before Crystal and Rob took them away. Once Crystal opens the van door, Belle asks why they stopped. Crystal says the police helicopter was following them and now they’re in an alley out of sight.

Belle requests some heat, but Crystal can’t comply since the police might see the exhaust vapors. She asks where they’re going. “To people that will help,” replies Crystal. Belle questions if she wants money and insists that Marlena will give whatever ransom they want. Crystal then has the nerve to tell Belle to give Claire cough medicine so she’s sedated for the trip. Belle refuses and throws the bottle down, which causes it to break. “You shouldn’t have done that Belle,” warns Crystal.

Belle later questions where they are. Crystal is still vague with her answers and tries to assure her that they’ll be safe. “Don’t touch my child!” orders Belle as Crystal attempts to reach out to Claire. Belle rehashes how Crystal and Rob gunned down a police officer right in front of Claire. Crystal reiterates that the officer’s fine, but Belle reminds her that Claire doesn’t know the difference between rubber bullets and real ones. Belle refers to her as crazy, suspecting that she’s just trying to extort money.

She implores Crystal to tell her what she wants. “I want you two to be safe,” affirms Crystal. Belle complains how that’s not at all the case, since they’re in a van freezing and scared. Crystal has the audacity to suggest that once Belle realizes why she’s doing this, then maybe they can actually be friends. “Friends don’t try to drug my child,” seethes Belle. Crystal insists she would never do anything to harm Claire and apologizes for the ordeal not going as peacefully as they had hoped. Belle asks for some coffee in Crystal’s thermos, which Crystal obliges to. As Belle sips her coffee, Crystal remarks what a great mother Belle is. A bold Belle then throws the coffee in Crystal’s face, smacks her, then takes off with Claire.

Shawn and Philip await by the pier for the van which has Belle and Claire. Philip proceeds to go find Belle himself, but Shawn insists the van will arrive soon. The two rivals briefly bicker before Philip remarks how terrified Claire must be. Shawn speculates that Belle will make Claire believe as though it’s some kind of adventure. Philip points out that they were kidnaped, so who knows what Crystal and Rob will do. Shawn tells Philip to keep his distance from Claire once the ordeal is over. Bo approaches them and implores them to move, stating that he wants everyone in place by the time the van arrives.

The men move to the other side of the pier, since Bo predicts that Crystal and Rob will make their approach from the east end of the pier. Bo reveals how he called off the chopper and how the van pulled into an alleyway off of Route 23, possibly thinking they could lose the cops. He tells Philip and Shawn to stay out of sight and speculates that the kidnapers will try to take Belle and Claire by boat. Shawn insists he can’t just stand around and do nothing, since it’s his daughter who’s involved. Bo reminds him that it’s a police matter and tries to assure the men that the gals will be safe. Philip and Shawn hide while they await the van’s arrival. Bo has a flashback to him and Roman confronting Rob outside the psychic shop. Bo then spots Rob on the pier. Meanwhile, Philip and Shawn see Rob and quietly argue about what to do. Bo then yells at Rob to put his hands in the air and demands to know where Belle and Claire are. Belle and Claire suddenly emerge yelling for help. Rob snatches Claire from Belle. Bo orders a gun toting Rob to release Claire, while Belle helplessly looks on terrified. Claire calls for her mommy. Philip and Shawn urge Rob to hand Claire over to Belle, but he refuses. Belle screams before falling into the water. Rob takes off with Claire and enters the van, ordering Crystal to take off. Philip rescues Belle from the water and performs CPR on her, pleading with her not to die on her. He tells Bo that she’s not breathing and asks where the ambulance is. Bo informs her that Rob got away with Claire in the van, but the authorities are on top of it and the boat captain is in custody. Bo notes what a bad cut Belle has. Philip tries to assure Belle that Shawn will bring Claire home.

As Belle is taken by the EMT’s on a gurney, Philip flashes back to Belle admitting to him how she wants to work things out with Shawn. Belle regains consciousness and asks about Claire. Philip lies that Claire’s fine and is with Shawn. Bo notes how hard she hit her head and assures her that Shawn will meet her at the hospital. Philip tries to assure her that everything’s going to be okay. He then questions why the EMT’s are stalling. They state that she needs a course of meds before they can move her. Phil insists that she needs to get to a hospital. A weary Belle apologizes to Philip, then goes into cardiac arrest. The EMT’s attempt to revive her as Philip fears the worst. They gravely announce that she’s gone. Philip demands for them not to give up on her. He frantically tries to revive her as Bo tells him to take it easy. She coughs and comes back to life. Philip is of course relieved. Before Philip follows the ambulance, Bo urges him to keep mum about Claire and to stay out of their lives. Shawn arrives back on the scene with an injured hand and reveals that the van got away with Claire. He reveals that there was an accident and Bo’s men had to stop. He claims that he stayed on the van, broke the window out and almost had Claire. Philip and Bo fill him in on Belle’s status. Phil admits that he lied to Belle about Claire, since she wasn’t strong enough to take the truth. He offers to back off Belle and leave it up to Shawn to tell her about Claire. Shawn thanks him and proceeds to drive himself to the hospital, leaving Bo and Philip behind.

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