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Fuel Filter Installation Instructions

    • 1). Park the car on a flat and level surface. Chock the back wheels to prevent the car from rolling back. Set the parking brake.

    • 2). Open the hood for access to the fuel pump relay. The relay is located in the fuse box under the hood. Open the fuse box by hand and locate the fuel pump relay. The fuses are labeled for easy identification. Pull the relay out and place it on the side. Start the vehicle and allow it to idle until it stalls.

    • 3). Crawl under the vehicle and locate the fuel tank in the back of the vehicle. Trace the fuel lines coming out of the fuel tank toward the front of the vehicle. Locate a break in the lines where they are attached to the fuel line. Most vehicles mount the fuel filter underneath the car by the driver door. Some models are different. The fuel filter can be mounted behind the fuel tank, on top of it or along the frame rail towards the front of the car. In some cases the filter is in the engine compartment. Tracing the fuel lines from the fuel tank will make it easier to locate the filter.

    • 4). Raise the car if necessary to reach the filter or for additional room to work. Place the jack under the front crossmember of the car and raise it high enough to place jack stands under the crossmember. Lower the car onto the jack stands.

    • 5). Disconnect the inlet and outlet line by squeezing the quick-disconnect tab and pulling off the filter. Unbolt the filter from the frame with a socket wrench. The filter is mounted with a mounting bracket to secure it in place.

    • 6). Replace with the new filter. Ensure the arrow on the filter is pointing toward the front of the vehicle. The arrow indicates the flow of fuel.

    • 7). Bolt the filter to the frame with a socket wrench. Push the inlet and outlet lines on to the filter. The fuel lines will lock in place once pushed far enough.

    • 8). Insert the relay back in to the fuse box. This will distribute power to the fuel pump.

    • 9). Turn the ignition key to the "start" position. Hold it there for three seconds to allow the fuel pump to prime. Turn the key to start the vehicle. If it does not start right away, continue holding it in the "start" position to prime the fuel line.

    • 10

      Allow the vehicle to idle for five minutes. Inspect the fuel filter for any leaks.

    • 11

      Raise the vehicle with the jack to remove the jack stands.

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