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Pomegranate and Skin Care

When speaking of skin care, in addition to a wide variety of products, some fruits and vegetables are also very beneficial for the skin.
At present, the most popular natural product for skin care should be pomegranate.
"When we add the ingredients contained in pomegranate into SPF8 sunscreen product, the effect of sun protection of the product can be increased by 21%.
"--says Howard Murad, Doctor of Medicine.
Recently, YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) promotes a new type of perfume--Baby Do11, which has been added with the refreshing fragrance of pomegranate.
Murad Company for Skin-Care Products is also considering applying the ingredients extracted from pomegranate to antioxidant and anti-aging products.
The experts point out, "pomegranate is an amazing fruit, and many of its effectiveness need to be further developed.
" For a long time, green tea has been considered to be the "superstar" in the plants, which has the most effective anti-aging effect.
This is because green tea contains a large number of polyphenols, which have an anti-aging effect.
While the polyphenols contained in pomegranate is much higher than that in green tea.
In addition, pomegranate also contains the antioxidant--ellagic acid.
Northwestern University Medical School is now making research on this kind of acid, and is considering using it for the prevention and treatment of cancer.
Oates Garcia--the nutrition consultant of Equino Health Club in New York, regards ellagic acid as "the most effective anti-aging substance in the world".
Murad Company has added pomegranate ingredients into its new series of daily skin-care products.
Murad believes that, the components contained in pomegranate not only can resist against solar radiation and prevent skin aging, but also can increase the SPF level of the skin-care products.
Experiment shows that, when adding the ingredients contained in pomegranate into SPF8 sunscreen product, the effect of sun protection of the product can be greatly improved.
After the test, it is confirmed that pomegranate juice can enhance the skin's capability to prevent sunburn.
In fact, long time ago, the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans had used pomegranate to treat diarrhea and prevent disease infection, because pomegranate has a good anti-diarrhea and anti-parasitic effect.
In addition, pomegranate is low in calorie but rich in vitamin C.
From this we can see, pomegranate is indeed a very beneficial fruit for human health, which not only has sweet and refreshing taste, but also has effects of health care and skin care.

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