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Shawn Stasiak Determined DVD Review Rating

The Bottom Line

With this DVD, the people at have created a new niche market within the wrestling DVD category. This DVD combines the worlds of wrestling shoot interviews, bodybuilding workouts, and inspirational tales. This DVD, clocking in at over 3 hours has enough to satisfy fans of all these genres.

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  • Very well produced DVD.

  • The video will only interest a specific niche. If you don't belong in it, you won't like this.

    • The running time of the DVD is over three hours.
    • Rob Van Dam and Skandor Akbar make appearances on the DVD.
    • The DVD is only available at

    Guide Review - Shawn Stasiak Determined DVD Review

    Prior to seeing this DVD, I have never been impressed with any shoot interview I have seen. All the ones I have seen were just a wrestler being interviewed with one camera view for the entirety of the interview. They never had any editing and were mostly wrestlers talking about how great they are and that everyone else sucks.

    This DVD will hopefully redefine what can be done with a shoot interview. It is shot in multiple locations, including the former sites of the Portland Sports Arena and the Sportatorium, and features the radical concept of editing. If you have seen some of shoot interviews I have seen, you know what I mean by that.

    As far as the interview itself, Shawn tells his life story in a multitude of locations and is joined by others to help tell his tale. He is the son of a former WWE Champion, has wrestled in both the amateur and professional ranks, and is now a chiropractor and motivational speaker.

    In addition to just talking about wrestling and his life story, he also tries to motivate and inspire the audience with the tales in his life.

    The workout portion of the DVD is impressive as it gives you a summary of his workout routine and shows you how he does each exercise. With the obvious cross-appeal wrestling has to bodybuilding, I am surprised I haven't seen something like this done before.

    Overall Recommendation: This DVD is good enough to possibly spawn an entire new genre. Fans of Shawn Stasiak will love this DVD as will people that enjoy all of the following: wrestling, motivational videos, and bodybuilding.

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