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To Find My Friend, I Had to Find a Brand New Way to Look at the Internet!

Not too long ago, I wanted to find my friend and I wanted to do it online and I wanted to do it without any great fanfare.
Seemed reasonable to me.
What I didn't realize at that time, though, was that there are plenty of sites out there that are more than happy to tell me that they are free in their zeal to help me find my friend but that when it comes down to it, they are hardly free at all.
I went to the net with all the hope in the world that I could find my old friend.
I was lured through all the typical internet marketing banners and text links as to which site would do the best job...
and get me the best results for my friend search.
And what I came to discover, sadly, was that a lot of these sites are not nearly as effective at finding people as they are at finding my money in my wallet.
While I was being led by the heart with the promise of low cost or FREE results, as I went deeper and deeper into the processes at these sites, I was more and more being asked to UPGRADE for better and better results.
Wait just a second...
that WASN'T what I was told! This is the new paradigm on the net.
The best webmasters and web professionals are on there and making the kind of money they make because they know how to steer traffic.
They know how to put you and me and my cousin Mike into "webs" that will monetize us as web traffic.
I had to get out of that and get out fast.
I eventually ended up reading an article just like this one that pointed me to a GREAT FREE way for me to find my friend (and when I say FREE, I mean no money changes hands.
) Your only "price" for your results on this people finding search engine is to enter your own name and email address as the results for your people finding efforts continue to come in long after you use this powerful piece of internet machinery.
So yes, I went to my Gateway to find my friend and I walked a way with a whole new, much more realistic way of looking at how business is really happening on the web!

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