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"Semi Pro" Photo: Andre Benjamin and Will Ferrell

Morning Routine

It takes awhile to get back into the routine. Stop the madness before it starts!

Backpacks and School Tools

Get the right gear to fit your personality and your style. Start the year off right!

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic

No matter what age you are, or what grade you're entering, it's important to brush up on the three R's!

Elementary School Tips

Every year in school brings a new challenge--but a little more fun, too! This is your year to shine!

Starting Middle School

Many changes come with middle school! You may be expected to switch classrooms, you may have a different teacher for every subject, and you may have your very own locker!

High School 101

Starting high school this year? This is a big turning point in your life! It's the beginning of serious fun--and serious studies!

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