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Do You Experience These Acid Reflux Symptoms?

It starts when acid and other material in the esophagus flow back into the stomach.
If this happens rarely or only slightly, you'll experience heartburn.
If this happens frequently, and if there is a lot of backflow, you may experience vomiting, pain in your throat and stomach and extreme discomfort.
In either case, you're exhibiting acid reflux symptoms.
There is a misunderstanding when it comes acid reflux symptoms.
Just because you have acid reflux, or GERD as it is also known as, doesn't mean that your symptoms will occur after you eat every meal or even after you eat meals with high concentrations of acid.
The symptoms associated with acid reflux syndrome can disappear for weeks -- or even months -- at a time.
But this doesn't mean that it won't come back again.
The most common symptoms of GERD include heartburn and chest pain.
The pain in the chest will usually be a burning sensation and will last for one or two hours.
The burning will usually only increase when you try to go and lay down.
Sometimes the pain and burning will move from you throat into your mouth, leaving behind a sour taste.
Another common symptom is vomiting.
What happens here is that the stomach rejects the contents within it and forces them out of the body through the mouth.
Stomach acid is perhaps one of the bitterest and most awful tasting experiences you'll ever have.
Not only does it taste horrible, but it also will leave a burning sensation in the throat.
In some cases, it will become so forceful that it also comes out through the nose.
Less common, but more severe symptoms of acid reflux include nausea, breathing problems and dysphasia.
Dysphasia is the medical term that describes having trouble swallowing.
Usually it will feel as a something is stuck in your esophagus and you can't get your breath.
It is easy for some to then go into a panic attack.
In some cases, the pain from swallowing is so intense that the person cannot even bring themselves to eat.
However, these symptoms are rare.
The worst acid reflux symptom is Barrett's esophagus.
This is where the lining of the esophagus changes and takes on characteristics of the intestine in order to protect the esophagus.
Unfortunately, it also increases the chances of getting cancer of the esophagus by 30 times.
Needless to say, it is important to talk with your doctor if you are experiencing ongoing symptoms such as these.
Failure to act can lead to serious health issues.

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