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How to Record a Screeching WAV

    • 1). Connect the turntable to your laptop or computer device via the USB cable that is usually provided with USB-capable turntables. Place the CD or vinyl (whichever one your turntable requires) onto the turntable and queue it up to the spot you want to play and apply your scratches to using headphones.

    • 2). Open your digital audio recording software on your computer. You can use a free program like Audacity, which can be downloaded online, or buy one such as Fruity Loops, Reason or Acid Pro. When the recording software opens, set up a new file and save it.

    • 3). Click the record button (generally located in the top toolbar or digital mixer that is on screen) once the recording software is open and your new project has been saved. Make sure you are in position to begin playing your turntable to scratch and set up breaks using the CD or vinyl record you have chosen before recording. Press the stop button to end the recording process. Press the play button to decide if you would like to keep the recording.

    • 4). Edit the recording you like the most and mix it down to your liking. Then from "File," select "Export." This will prompt you to choose your settings for the rendering of the audio track you are exporting. Among the many options should be WAV; choose it and click "Render." This will officially provide you with a playable, edited version of the track that you have previously recorded.

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