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Do I Dare Mention My Competition?

Talking about your competition during a sales presentation can be risky.
However, it can also be the absolutely right thing to do.
After all, if you know what your competition is going to say to your client during their presentation, you can negate it if you address it in yours.
On the other hand, if you bring up competition your prospective client didn't even know you had, you're setting yourself up to be compared in a way that you wouldn't have had you kept your mouth shut.
This leads to more research on the client's part, a longer lead time to close a deal and less chance that you'll be the one who lands the deal.
Before you start creating your sales presentation, you need to decide how to handle this issue.
Here are some things to consider: • Have they already told you they're talking to XYZ Company too? If so, then you need to specifically address the differences between the two companies.
You can even use XYZ's name in your comparison.
However, you should always avoid badmouthing your competition, as it will make you look desperate and unprofessional.
• Is your product or service very new? If you're offering something brand new, your prospective client is likely to not even know you have any competition.
In this case, simply stick to highlighting what you can provide for the client and your unique attributes.
• Are there several widely known competitors in your field? If you're in one of those businesses where everybody knows the top three companies in the field, then you definitely want to compare what you offer to what your competitor offers, though you may not want to name names.
In this case, however, you must be well versed on your competitors, so that you can address all the issues in your presentation and be prepared to answer questions regarding them.
With these ideas in mind, you should be more comfortable preparing a beautiful sales presentation that answers all the right questions for your client and shows them how choosing your business over anyone else's is best for their business.

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