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Sock Wristband: What You"ll Need

Sock Wristband: What You'll Need

Plush wrist bands like the one here on Avril Lavigne aren't just for rocking out or jogging anymore. These fashionable accessories are a part of everyday casual wear, and can sell for more than ten bucks.

Meanwhile, cuffed socks get holes in them all the time and they also have a great ability to lose their match. You can reuse your old socks and create free wristbands at the same time with this simple tutorial.

No sweat.

What You’ll Need:

Let's get started with cutting the sock.

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Cut off the Top of the Sock

Cut off the top of the sock. You will need to cut off the part that is not stretchy.

Next we will fold the sock.

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Fold the Cut Edge

Fold the cut edge in just enough to hem it. Alternately, you could fold it even farther for a thinner wristband.

Next you will sew the wristband.

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Sew all around the edge of the fold. Turn it right side out and slip it on. Next, see the finished wristband and upload a photo of yours.

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Our wrist band used a solid black sock, and we added a button to it to embellish.

Have you made a wrist band? We would love to see it! Upload a photo of your finished project and we will add it to this tutorial.
  • Try decorating your wristband with buttons or sew on beads. You can even sew a patch on it.
  • Use socks of all colors and sizes. Some even have patterns on the stretchy part.
  • Use a matching thread to sew the hem, or change it up to make your stitches noticeable.

    (Need help? Ask Rain on Facebook.)

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