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The Texas All-Lines Adjuster License is a Real Ace in the Hole

The Texas All-Lines Adjuster License is proving to be a real ace in the hole for adjusters and others nationwide.
There are several reasons I make that statement.
The first is because the Texas All-Lines Adjuster License is recognized and accepted in thirty two states.
Being a reciprocal license nationwide means that a licensed adjuster can basically work anywhere in the country without having to get involved in messy, time consuming paperwork every time he/she takes off to another catastrophe across the country.
This adjusters license also gives instant credibility to the holder, who is not always an adjuster.
When a General Contractor, sub-contractors, roofers, estimators, appraisers or a builder prepares an estimate and also holds a Texas All-Lines Adjuster License, it can carry more weight and have more credibility with the insurance company staff adjuster and with the homeowner.
Therefore we are seeing an increasing number of those 'contractor types' securing their adjusters license.
Another reason to get your Texas All-Lines Adjuster License is due to the shortage of qualified, licensed adjusters, contractors and estimators-nationwide! This was evident in the aftermath of Hurricanes Ivan, Dennis, Katrina, Ike and Dolly.
There were simply not enough licensed adjusters or contractors to handle the volume of claims and prepare the estimates necessary as a result of those storms.
The winters of 2007 and 2008 also proved to put a tremendous strain on the insurance companies, the independent adjusting companies and contractors.
Licensed insurance adjusters and contractors are needed to work these winter storms as well as the hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and hail storms.
Getting a Texas All-Lines Adjuster License will assist people in getting into a job market that is simply exploding with opportunity.
There are adjusting schools that are approved course providers through the Texas Department of Insurance that can be completed in less than one week.
Most of these classes are only offered in Texas and Florida.
Recently, adjusting schools have started offering classes outside of Texas or Florida, which will give the opportunity to many more people to get into a hot job market.
Jeffrey W.
Perkins is the owner and President of The Legacy Group, the parent company of TLG Claims and TAAS-The American Adjusting Schools.
TAAS offers the Texas All-Lines Adjuster License by experienced instructors who are adjusters and who bring a 3 Day Class to the public-Nationwide!

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