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How to Make Boy Dolls

    • 1). Stuff the sock three quarters of the way up. Make sure that the stuffing is not too lose.

    • 2). Wrap a rubber band around the top quarter of the doll to create a neck. Use the other one on the top of the head, below the opening. Fold the remaining sock down over the head to make a hat.

    • 3). Sew a small line on either side of the doll's body, starting about half an inch in and one inch down. This creates the doll's arms.

    • 4). Paint eyes, nose and mouth on the doll's head with the fabric paint.

    • 5). Cut out a piece of colored fabric that is about half the height of the doll. This will be its shirt. Fold the edges of the fabric at a quarter inch and sew them down to prevent fraying of the fabric. Make a tube out of the fabric and sew it in place so that it may slip on and off of the doll. Repeat the step with the second colored fabric to create bottoms for the doll to wear.

    • 6). Sew the buttons on the top as well as one on the hat to decorate the doll clothes.

    • 7). Glue short pieces of doll hair under the hat.

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