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Teen Bedroom Color Ideas

    Drama Queen Bedroom

    • Mix black, white, green and pink hues to create a bedroom worthy of even the biggest teen drama queen. Pearly white walls, glossy black trim and dark jade-green carpet provide an elegant background for the design. An ornate, white, wood bed frame with glossy black trim provides a glamorous sleeping area. A pale jade green and dark pink striped blanket with matching pillows and pink satin sheets provide a pampered touch.

      Add a subtle sparkle to the dramatic teen bedroom with a glossy black dresser with clear rhinestone knobs and a matching nightstand. Remaining furniture pieces can include a white desk with black trim, a black chair with jade cushion and a pink-and-black dotted bookcase. Decorate the nightstand with a black lamp with a pink shade and add a black curtain rod with a dark pink organza curtain to the window to balance out the pink bedding.

    Funky Blue Bedroom

    • Combine funky blue hues to create a stylish bedroom for any teenager, guy or girl. Navy blue carpet, white walls and aqua blue trim provides a simple background for the bedroom theme. A simple white nightstand, dresser, bookcase, desk and chair provide basic bedroom furniture. Cover the bed with modern white bedding with baby blue, navy blue, aqua blue, lemon yellow and grass green dots covers to provide a focal point for the room.

      Decorate the nightstand with a simple, square, yellow-and-green dotted lamp and add a blue-and-white striped seat cushion to embellish the desk chair. Grass green and navy blue boxes on the shelves serve as storage and decoration items. An aqua blue trash bin, blue-framed posters, blue-and-green striped curtains and lemon yellow light fixtures help tie the overall style together.

    Sleek Contemporary Bedroom

    • Mix warm woods and crisp metal to create a teen's bedroom with a sleek contemporary style. Honey-oak floors, honey-oak trim and flat white walls provide a crisp background for the room. Cover the top of a black dresser, nightstand and desk with stainless steel for a sharp accent. Crown a simple bed with an angular, modern, stainless steel headboard and cover it with black sheets and a white, burgundy, gray and amber checkered blanket.

      Decorate the floor with a burgundy area rug placed in front of an angular, black-trimmed, honey-oak bookcase. Add complementary black-trimmed burgundy blinds over the window. Provide attractive lighting with a modern style using a sleek black lamp and black track lights. A black flat-screen television on the wall and other black electronics provide high-tech toys that blend in with the design.

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