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Is Change A Good Thing?

It's funny you know...
I was sitting at home the other night watching Pretty Woman, you know the 1986 movie with Richard Geer and Julia Roberts.
Anyway I was sitting there watching it and I started to reflect on how much things have changed since the making of that movie.
The phones, the cars, the clothes and fashions, the manner of peoples interactions, the characters and their relationship.
How Richard Geer's character went from being a cold calculating business man who destroyed other people's dreams for money, and how Julia Roberts character went from being a street wise hooker to a lady in every sense of the word.
I sat there watching and reflecting on the changes that have taken place in my own life since that time.
The changes in my work life, my personal life, my relationship with people and family.
The growth and development of my kids, down to the changes in the weather patterns, and I came to the realization that change is inevitable, it happens regardless of if we are ready for it or not.
It flows like a never ending river, through the ages, and affects us all, in a huge number of ways some very subtle, others not so much, weather we realize it or not, it is happening right now as you read this document, and it will continue on its way, unabated and eternal.
Take a quick look at your own life, and what changes have taken place over the last say, 5 years.
What they have been, Did you make a conscious decision to make those changes, or did they just quietly happen without you realizing that five years have passed.
Has that time done you any good? Has your life become better, your relationships stronger and more loving and caring? Have you fulfilled some long held desire to do something, that you have always wanted to do? Or does it seem like things are still the same as they have always been? I realized that it is so easy to get, for want of a better description, stuck in a rut, as my life passed me by.
This awareness brought with it, a desire to make a change, a change for the better.
A Change that will allow me to open up my life to a world of possibilities, a stimulating world of learning new things, enabling personal growth to help me become a better human being.
I didn't want to sit on the sidelines anymore, I wanted to take a chance, bite the bullet, live a little.
Maybe it is all part of a mid life crisis, and if it is, then it's my mid life crisis to do with what I will.
Life is just that, Life.
Living, Growing, Experiencing, Touching, Tasting, Feeling the good and the bad, it's all life.
Now this is probably all pretty obvious to a lot of people, then again maybe not.
Exactly How, do I make these changes, what methods can I use to create this profound awareness in me, well I know of one.
One in particular that excited me and opened up my eyes to a whole new world.

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