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Quit Smoking Hypnosis CD"s and mp3"s

Have you ever wondered if quit smoking hypnosis cd's [] are an effective method to break your addiction to nicotine? There are numerous different strategies people use to stop smoking and while certain methods work for some, they might not be effective for others. So read on to to determine if hypnosis audio cd's or mp3's might be an effective method for you.
Most strategies to stop smoking involve finding ways to cope with the terrible suffering you will have to endure when you are going through nicotine withdrawal. A lot of times when you are reading about the process of quitting smoking, you are prepared for the fact that you are going to be completely miserable for weeks, months or even longer. Most of the time, the information that you typically find about giving up smoking provides such a horrifying picture, that you decide it's best to not even bother trying to stop. Quit smoking hypnosis cd's are an effective method to quit because hypnosis is not a strategy to cope with the terrible suffering of quitting, instead it is a strategy to allow your mind to realize that all of the awful pain and suffering that we associate with quitting smoking doesn't really exist. The reality is that withdrawal from nicotine doesn't have to be all that bad and it usually doesn't last more than a few days.
To illustrate this point lets take a closer look at the use of nicotine gum or NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) as a strategy to stop smoking. When you decide to stop smoking and you stub out that final cigarette, you soon start to experience the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. To ease these symptoms you chew a piece of nicotine gum (or use a lozenge, patch, etc). The downside to this is that nicotine gum doesn't really satisfy the smokers craving for nicotine because it only delivers a small portion of the nicotine that you are used to getting from cigarettes (even though it contains a similar amount of nicotine, it is not absorbed through the lining of the mouth as quickly as it is absorbed through the lungs when smoked). So you find yourself continuing to experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms and the cravings to smoke continue (although perhaps not as intense). Additionally, you are continuing to feed your body nicotine which is keeping addiction alive. You end up finding yourself in what seems like a never ending state of aggravation and irritation which in most cases will end with you giving in and having a smoke.
The reality is that all of those awful withdrawal symptoms you've been hearing about (or maybe even experienced yourself) are simply made up of fear and anxiety. The truth is, withdrawal from nicotine is really just an odd empty feeling that usually lasts just a few days. The trouble is that the nicotine addiction lies deep in our subconscious minds and it can be quite difficult to accept these simple realities at the subconscious level. There are people who are able to stop smoking by simply understanding and accepting these realities but most people need some help in allowing the subconscious mind to accept what the conscious mind already knows is true. This is what makes hypnosis an effect strategy. Hypnosis is a process that allows you to achieve a relaxed state so that you are able to open your subconscious mind to accept these realities.
So if you really think about it, quitting smoking with methods like nicotine gum seem kind of doomed from the beginning. The whole strategy is based on the expectation that quitting will be a terrible experience. The whole strategy is based around FEAR and ANXIETY. Hypnosis however, is a strategy that is based on allowing your mind to accept what you already know is true. That you have no need to smoke cigarettes and that quitting smoking does not have to be difficult.

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