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The Countdown Checklist For The Groom

It is never in doubt that your wedding day is one of the biggest and happiest days in your life. It is a day that is held in very high regard in almost all cultures of our world. It therefore can not be gainsaid that you have to plan your wedding well beforehand so that you are not caught up by events that can potentially ruin your big day. In some cultures around the world, wedding planning can take years before the actual day of the wedding.

As the groom and the main gentleman of the day, draft a schedule of things to do before the big day. The length of time will depend on how well you are prepared but ideally a period of between 6 and 12 months is considered adequate. Wedding planning is no easy task, so the very first thing you need to do is get someone to share ideas with on the positive enhancement of your big day. This is none other than the best-man. You may also want to choose the groomsmen at the earliest possible moment so that they can adjust accordingly in their preparedness to be by your side on the big day.

After that get down to compiling and inviting guests. Notifying them earlier will give them enough time to plan to attend and mark the day in their diaries. And at this point in time, budgetary considerations are of utmost importance. It is also at this point that you should be thinking of the ideal wedding ring and where to get it, making contact with the minister or priest and very importantly as well, the laws governing weddings in your locality. And by all means start making plans for your honeymoon. Get to consult with your bride on the ideal destination as well putting travel documentations in order if traveling out of the country is your plan.

As the months trickle by, make sure the groomsmen and the best-mans outfits are ordered. Get fingers sized for the rings and remember to incorporate the brides family in your planning whenever necessary. This should also be the case with the wedding planner if you have decided to have their services. Get also thinking of the venue of the wedding as well as the reception and do all the necessary arrangements.

Make arrangements for guests accommodation incase there are those from afar and their other conveniences. With like two months to go, get thinking of the perfect gift to present to your bride, as well as to your ushers, groomsmen and of course the best-man. Also ensure all the marriage documentations are in order. Some states or churches require the taking of blood samples of the couple to be so if this is a requirement, get an appropriate time to comply.

Regularly consult with the bride to know the how far she is on her side of the planning and help out as much as you can. Make sure the rings are ready, the tuxedos are also in order and know when they are to be collected, the venue is confirmed and spruced up accordingly, etc. And of course on the material day dont forget to look sharp and confident as you start your married life.

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