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Things to Enjoy in Living Coasts, Torquay

If you want to enjoy your Torquay holidays, you must book your accommodations in any of the holiday cottages in the place.
The luxurious accommodations will let you enjoy a lavish vacation.
Whether you come with your family or you come in big groups, there is surely a holiday cottage that will suit your size.
Once you start your Torquay holidays, you should list the different tourist destinations to maximize your time.
Because of the countless numbers of attractions, you will never run out of activities during your Torquay holidays.
One of the most visited places is the Living Coasts Zoo.
It is easily accessible from your holiday cottages.
Here are the things that you can enjoy during your day tour.
Wide Collection of Animals The Living Coasts Zoo offers a fun filled Torquay holidays.
The place is the sanctuary of different species of animals.
The management is able to display a wide collection of animals coming from all parts of the world.
If your children love to see the exotic and wild animals in person, the Living Coasts zoo is the best destination during your Torquay holidays.
Just a few minutes' drive from your holiday cottages; children and even adults will definitely enjoy the close encounter with the animals.
Natural Habitat The Living Coasts Zoo showcases the animals in their most natural environment.
Aside from their intention of entertaining the guests, the management ensures that the animals will live the most normal life possible in their new sanctuary.
The zoo is especially designed to provide the animal's natural environment.
When you return back to your holiday cottages, your kids will appreciate the importance of maintaining a balanced ecosystem with the different animals around you.
Animal Show During your Torquay holidays, nothing is happier than to see the animals perform a show for you.
In the Living Coasts zoo, you and your kids will have the opportunity to watch the fur seals imported from South America.
You can see the animals dive, swim and busk under the sun and play with toys provided by the management.
Most famous seals at the fur seal cove are Grace, Oscar, Tunanta, Gringo and Luna.
From the time they were imported, the seals have settled well.
Because of the proximity of the holiday cottage from the zoo, it is very easy to reach the new animal sanctuary.
Another animal show to look forward during your Torquay holidays is the Waders Estuary.
It showcases the 150 wading birds flying in their natural habitat.
The sanctuary provides sandy shores and mudflats for the wading birds and offer food for them like worms, shellfish and insects.

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