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How to Bathe Your Newborn Baby

Bathing newborn babies would be much exciting event for new moms. Some moms are rather nervous when bathing their newborn babies; i.e. they are afraid whether their newborn babies can be slipped from their hands as the newborn babies are so small. Besides, combining soap and water with the newborn babies can make for slippery conditions. Every parents need to assume their baby's bath is as safe and pleasurable as can be. Here below are some easy tips to help you to learn how to bathe your newborn baby.

*Prepare everything in advance. Necessary items are listed as follows :

- baby bath tub

- baby soap

- baby shampoo

- baby towel

- new clothes

- diaper

*Turn off air condition; bathe your newborn baby in a warm room

*Place your newborn baby in the tub gently. Hold him/her gently but firmly. Please be confident. You have to support his/her neck and head with one hand and use the other hand to support him/her bottom.

*Prepare warm water and be sure it's not too hot for your newborn baby as it may burn him/her. (take the temperature with your elbow or you may use bath thermometer) The water should be about 29 C (85 F)

*Clean your newborn baby through out his/her body or from top to bottom; washing his/her face, hands and diaper area. Don't use any soap on your newborn baby's face.

*In the first week and month, you would have to wash your newborn baby's head carefully. Until your newborn baby's hair starts to thickness, you can use a gently baby shampoo. While washing his/her hair, you should try to keep the water out of his/her face as much as possible.

*Your newborn baby would appreciate not having to lay in a hard plastic tub. So, find bath pad which is softer, safer and more convenient.

*Your baby would have much fun while bathing; he/she will play with water by kicking as well as splashing. Talk to him/her as much as you can or you may sing a song during the bath time.

*Bathe your newborn baby as quickly as possible. It should be safe either.

*When you have finished the bathing, wrap your newborn baby in a warm towel, dry him/her and put on a clean nappy and fresh clothes accordingly.

As you would see, following the above mentioned tips will certainly help you to feel calm and relax during those first few baths when you are a little nervous. And I do really believe that you know now how to bathe your newborn baby successfully and happily.

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