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Inspect Your New Apartment First

It's time to move into your new apartment.
You're excited and you can't wait!!But not just yet.
Since you will be putting down a security deposit for the apartment, you want to make sure that you won't lose your deposit at the end of the lease for damages you're not responsible for.
Before you move into your new apartment, make arrangements with your landlord to inspect the apartment.
Note any damages, cracks, chip paints, marks, stains, etc..
that you observe in the apartment.
Since you haven't moved in yet, the previous tenant who vacated the premises should be liable for these damages.
I would suggest you bring a piece of paper and jot down a brief description for the problems that you notice.
The landlord should take an initiative to repair the damages if they are significant, otherwise they need to make sure that you aren't responsible when your lease expires.
In addition to noting the damages, I would bring a digital camera to take pictures.
This is to provide proof that you observed the conditions in the state that they were in.
It can also be useful should you need to present documentation in court.
Once you and the landlord have come to a consensus on the state of the apartment, you can then move in and begin enjoying your new apartment.
By following these suggestions, you'll better prepare yourself for unexpected costs that landlords usually tack off from your security deposit.
Of course, any damages that you incur while occupying the premise is your responsibility...

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