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Gutter Screen Ideas

    Have a Gutter Company Install Screens

    • A professional gutter company can install gutter screens. Most companies will come out and do a free estimate for you, so compare a few companies' prices. They will know exactly which screens are compatible with your system. This is the most expensive option and you can expect to pay at least $10 a linear foot for this service. However, since these screens are installed at the roof line, having a professional do it for you is cheaper than an emergency room bill should you fall while installing them yourself.

    Buy Screen Sections and Install Them Yourself

    • Your next option is to measure the length of your system and note the size and style of gutters you have. Consult a building or gutter supply company about the screens you will need. Purchase the sections yourself and install them from the roof or with a ladder. This is the second most expensive option and will cost you about $3 a linear foot in materials, in addition to the time it takes you to install them. While not hard to install, it can be challenging when working from the ground.

    Make Your Own Screens and Install Them

    • Homemade gutter screens can be made from wire mesh fencing materials available from a building supply store. Purchase a roll of mesh wire and cut it into strips with tin snips. It can be screwed into the gutter itself or both edges can be folded down to fit inside the gutter. Leave the screen top slightly over the top of the gutter so leaves and debris can wash over them easier. This is the cheapest way to go and should cost less than $1 a foot, but it is more labor intensive. This homemade version may not block the debris as well as the pre-made screens and can cut your hands and fingers when installing.

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