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Child Safety - Crime Awareness Programs to Help Teenage Girls Thwart Abductors, Rapists, & Murderers

Two rare but senseless murders of teenage girls in the Midwest prompted their grieving parents to start self-awareness and self-defense training programs for all young girls.
Had either one of these victims had this training beforehand, they could still be alive today.
Neither killer was big in size.
Such malicious attacks as these have disturbing facts known about them.
Three of them are discussed below.
Fact 1.
Victims of malicious abductions can be killed within the first four hours of their captures or attacks.
To illustrate, information from Internet sources indicate many young girls who are abducted for aggravated malicious purposes are murdered within the first three-to-four hours of their capture.
That fact could be true to a degree.
Unless young people have been kidnapped for ransom or long-term slavery purposes, why else would their abductors keep them around alive? So they can identify their perpetrators? The abductors themselves seem to know the time limits for their criminal activities.
Rapists, for example, only want their temporary moments with their victims, after which they might get rid of them for good.
For that reason alone, this so-called second location is extremely dangerous for the victims.
These kinds of crimes can happen to anyone anytime and almost anywhere.
Some of them are carefully planned and premeditated ahead of time.
Others can happen during those moments when certain conditions allow them to happen spontaneously.
Fact 2.
Public rescue systems are rapid, but not always fast enough to guarantee the victim's survival.
Many official or public recovery systems cannot effectively rescue the victims in short periods of time for several reasons.
Often, unless the victims are abducted in front of others, these systems are not notified right away because no one realized the victims were missing.
Yet, these systems do make major and sometimes successful efforts to do so.
Generally, however, it takes time to find and gather the much needed clues and facts in criminal abduction cases.
Yet, if these abductions occur near civilization, today's surveillance cameras will provided helpful information if their images can be reviewed shortly after the abductions occur.
Moreover, certain abductions are meant for the long term.
That is, the torture and enslavement abductors want prolonged perverted activity with their victims.
Under these deviate unwholesome needs, their initial courses of action is to get their victims into secure hiding places, where they can carry out their criminal misdeeds for extended periods without making careless mistakes.
As a result, the authorities will need relative amounts of time and expertise to find and follow these trails with modern electronic devices.
Some of these trails are never found.
Fact 3.
When the potential targets are trained ahead of time on what to do during their possible abductions, this knowledge could save their lives.
For the kinds of malicious abductions mentioned above, the best chances of victim survival are for them to know beforehand how to carry out defensive maneuvers, particularly the ones below.
  1. By knowing what to do during the early seconds or minutes of their abduction, i.
    e, by executing swift unexpected verbal or physical responses, which could make a difference in the outcome.
  2. By knowing several manually-inflicted self-defense movements, like, basic physical counter-attacks (bites, blows, jabs, kicks, and kung-fu moves), or by finding and using makeshift clubs or weapons.
  3. By knowing how to behave, think, and plan ahead if the initial capture is carried out successfully.
Much more importantly, however, is that all young people need to to know exactly what daily safety awareness habits, attitudes, and precautions are necessary to keep them from being abducted in the first place, ever.
To learn more about these kinds of awareness and self-defense training programs, see the websites below.

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