4 Of The Most Common Yoga Animal Poses
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4 Of The Most Common Yoga Animal Poses

Yoga poses were invented after a number of yoga specialists observed how animals behave.
The poses play a major role in stretching arms, back, thighs, spine, and buttocks.
The asanas also aid in relieving stress and keep the body flexible.
If you are wondering which animal poses you should engage in, here they are: Crane pose This is an excellent balancing exercise that aids in strengthening the back, arms and thighs.
To do this asana you need to squat with your feet an inch or two apart.
You should then lean forward until your hands are flat on the floor in front of you and then rock forward and lift your knees to fit into your armpits.
Cobra Here you need to lie flat on your belly and then place your hands flat against the floor with your elbows bent at your chest.
At this position you should push down on your hands so that you are able to lift up your upper torso as far as you can.
For ideal results you should ensure that you leave the back part of your body flat to the floor.
Downward facing dog This asana requires you to form an upside down "V" with your body.
Here you should lie flat on your belly, work your feet forward, move your body back, and move your buttocks up in the air.
When you reach the stance, you should place your feet flat on the floor and using your hands hold your body up.
For ideal results you should ensure that the top of your head is nearly touching the floor and you are facing your feet.
Lion pose Here you need to kneel on the floor and cross your ankles behind you with the right leg on top of the left leg and then sit back on your heals.
You should then place your hands on your knees with your fingers spread out and straight.
While taking a deep breath, you should open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out and down.
For an ideal look you should ensure that your eyes are wide open.
At this position you should breathe out through your mouth.
These are some of the most beneficial animal poses that you can engage in.
To ensure that you execute them properly, it's recommended that you join a studio run by a qualified professional.
You can also buy DVD videos that will teach you everything that you need to know.

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