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Planning a Honeymoon Together

When you are planning your wedding it is very important that both people sit down and plan the honeymoon; otherwise you may be in for surprises that you won't like.
When people are involved in planning their wedding, women often are the ones that do most of the planning.
Although men want to get married, they allow their fiancée and her mother to do everything and they just want to show up.
However, it is very important that both couples sit down and plan the honeymoon together; otherwise you may get some surprises that will not make your honeymoon memorable.
Here are some suggestions to get you moving: Choose a time when both of you can be together for this -- take some time away from the wedding planning and find a time when both of you can be together.
Have a nice dinner and a little music, and then think about what you want to do.
Start planning at least six months ahead of your wedding -- we say at least six months because for the best rates and for your best focus, you will need to do this near the time when you are engaged.
Life will get more hectic as you move towards the wedding date.
Get brochures to plan the destination--if you know of a travel agent, go to them and gather all the free brochures you can about places where you may want to go.
Get brochures about other states as well as exotic locations.
Find out where the most popular places are for people to go.
You can also find out a lot of information from the Internet.
Decide how you want to travel - you can go by train, plane or automobile.
We suggest not going by automobile unless someone else is driving.
Seriously though, many couples are planning cruises instead of going to one special city.
Look at cruise packages as well to see if any of your destinations are included.
Packages vs.
single travel -- you may find that you can get all inclusive packages that will give you more opportunities than a single city vacation.
This may help you with your travel budget.
Budget -- unfortunately you will have to take into consideration your budget and the amount that you want to spend.
However, if you plan ahead, you may be able to find someone who would give you the honeymoon as a gift once you know where you are going.
These tips will get you started and you can probably do this in a couple of hours once both of you sit down for the planning.
This is another way to continue the romance and you will be happy that you planned together.

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