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How to Create an ICO File From a JPEG in Paint

    • 1). Launch Paint and open an existing JPEG image file.

    • 2). Resize your image so that it's a perfect square. Click the "Resize" button, which is located in the "Image" pane of the "Home" tab, and enter identical "Horizontal" and "Vertical" dimensions. Click "OK" to make your image a perfect square.

    • 3). Press "F12" to open a "Save As" dialog box, Enter a name for your file, and select ".bmp" from the list of available formats. Close Microsoft Paint.

    • 4). Locate the new BMP file using Windows Explorer. Click once on the file to select it, then press the "F2" key to rename it. Instead of changing the filename, change the extension from .bmp to .ico. If Windows pops up a warning, confirm your choice.

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