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Stop Snoring Mouthpiece - How Effective Are They to Cure Snoring?

The stop snoring mouthpiece is one of the products available in the market that is especially designed to reduce or eliminate snoring and even sleep apnea.
If you are considering purchasing one whether for you or for your partner, it is advisable to do your research first and see if it is really the right product to best suit your needs.
The stop snoring mouthpiece is an oral device worn at night before sleeping to clear the nasal passages and lessen the disrupting sound.
There are two known variations, the tongue retaining device and the jaw retainers.
So how do they work? Are they comfortable to wear? These are the two raising questions that we would try to give answers in this article.
The tongue retaining device known as the TRD is an oral appliance that is made of soft plastic and has a tongue-sized suction cup that pulls the tongue forward and hold it in that position.
It is gripped by the teeth to held it in place and supposedly clears the airway passages.
It is applicable for people who have mild to moderate snoring and who are not obese.
Most likely candidates would be those snorers whose major cause of snoring is improper sleeping position.
Another stop snoring mouthpiece is the jaw retainers known as mandibular advancement device (MAD).
This is a dental appliance that looks like retainers that holds the lower jaw forward.
They have metal loops over several teeth to hold it in place while one is asleep.
Some are adjustable while some device are custom fitted.
Some people find these oral devices uncomfortable to wear while some are able to get used to it after some time.
It might take several weeks to get completely accustomed to wearing it every night as side effects like excess saliva might be present during the first few nights.
However, any foreign object worn over the mouth produces this kind of side effects and this generally tapers down after some time.
Once your jaw muscles get used to it, you will find it more comfortable and less of a hassle.
If you are considering getting a stop snoring mouthpiece, it is best to seek the advice of a dentist as he can custom design one for you that can best suit your specific needs.
However, this can be quite expensive.
If you think your snoring is not yet on the verge of sleep apnea, the oral appliances that can be purchased online and on several health stores might be worth trying out.
Who knows, this stop snoring mouthpiece might be the answer to achieving a restful and quiet night.

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