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Best Australian Universities and Colleges Ranking

Australia offers great standard of education and excellent opportunities post studies. Students usually inquire about best university and best college in Australia for international students. When say top college and university in Australia many people would relate to universities such as Melbourne University, Sydney University, Australian National University, Monash University, etc. These are some of the very old and famous Universities across the world. However over the period of time many other Universities came into existence and eventually carved a niche in them. Detailed information on Australia for study abroad aspirants.

Official Australia University Ranking

Students often inquire about ranking of universities and colleges in Australia. Though there is NO Official Ranking of Australian Universities, there are many surveys that can give an idea about rough rankings. Usually, rankings are decided on several parameters such as Alumni, Employability Success Rate, History of the institute, Courses offered, Faculty, and Infrastructure etc.

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Popular Rankings:

1.       G8 Universities in Australia

This is one the popular standing's in Australia. G8, which is generally known as Group of 8, has been operating informally since 1994 and then formally incorporated in September 1999. It is an alliance of leading research intensive Australian universities. G8 universities provide highly academic and research based courses.

University of Queensland
Australian National University
University of Sydney
The University of western Australia
University of New south Wales
University of Adelaide
Monash University

2. ATN – Australian Technology Network

ATN group is a network of 5 Technical Universities.  These universities provide high level of technical studies in Australia.

Curtin University
Queensland University of Technology
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
University of South Australia
University Technology Sydney

3. Sandstone Ranking or Sandstone Universities

These are one of the oldest successfully running Universities in Australia. They are ranked highly in the world. Sandstone universities can be taken to be either universities founded before World War I or the oldest university in respective state. They are following
University of Adelaide
University of Tasmania
University of  Melbourne
University of Sydney
University of Queensland
University of Western Australia

4- Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2010-2011

National Rank     University                                        World Rank

1                            University of Melbourne               36

2                            Australian National University      43

3                            University of Sydney                      71

4                            University of Adelaide                   73

5                            University of Queensland              81

6                            University of New South Wales    152

7                            Monash University                          178

5. 2011 Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Academic Ranking of World Universities

National Rank     University                                                  World Rank

1                            University of Melbourne                        60

2                            Australian National University                70

3                            University of Queensland                       86

4                            University of Sydney                                96

5                            University of Western Australia            102–150

6-7                        Monash University                                   151–200

6-7                        University of New South Wales             151-200

8-9                        Macquarie University                              201–300

8-9                        University of Adelaide                             201–300

10-13                   Flinders University                                   301–400

10-13                   James Cook University                             301–400

10-13                   University of Newcastle                          301–400

10-13                   University of Tasmania                            301–400

14-19                   Curtin University of Technology            401–500

14-19                   Griffith University                                     401–500

14-19                   La Trobe University                                  401–500

14-19                   Swinburne University of Technology    401–500

14-19                   University of Technology Sydney          401–500

14-19                   University of Wollongong                       401–500

Does Ranking Matter

Rankings are fine for general overview. However decision of choosing any university or college should not only depend on rankings, rather is should depend on your future goals and academic background.

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