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File Complaint Against eBay

EBay is one of the established online auction sites that has garnered a good brand loyalty among the Indian population. EBay facilitates online business to sell a broad variety of goods & services. The business adopts three mechanisms for this online sale - auction, classified and fixed price. The products on eBay come off a broad range on optics, apparel & accessories, cameras, home furnishing, consumer electronics, jewellery, stationary, tools, games, hardware and so on. But the recent influx of eBay complaints has raised serious concerns on its application of business. The complaints are coming on the delivery delays and a failing customer service.

Contrary to the general perception, e Bay doesn't actually sell products. The online shop only facilitates sales by way of an effective logistic and sales placement. The distribution network is the backbone of eBay that delivers products while an order is placed online. The company has both pros and cons of the business:-

Pros: ease on shopping, on line shopping, a wide range of products, customization of order, no traffic, no queues, cash on delivery and no pushing and pulling.

Cons: delay on delivery, defective products, delay on getting refund, delay on remitting bonus points, cancellation of orders and breach on banking security.

It is therefore very important to know about the jurisdiction on Consumer Protect Act 1986. Your knowledge on the same should come as remedy to your dispute-

The Act was envisaged to take guard on consumer rights and its violation. A three tier quasi-judicial authority has been established to make sure that consumers find justice to their grievance. The District level Consumer Forum provides you all the legal resources and bylaws on online shopping. All that you need to do is place a complaint on the on-line portal of Consumer forum. Your grievance on online shopping meets a match on consumer forum's online portal.

Your complaint is instantly sent across to the different forums which also includes eBay's forum on customer care. On one hand the district court makes a review of the complaint, while on other the community blogs take the message to liable authorities. The eBay complaints or any of other online complaints are thus treated on two ends i.e. District court and eBay. In most cases the authorities on eBay would take notice of the situation and would revert back with a solution to your problem. However, a little of these intricate complaints are left with the consumer forum to deal with.

Based on the merit of your complaint, the sitting judge would send notice to the defendant party, eBay in this case. The online shopping portal needs to send back a reply in the next 30 days time. On subsequent hearing dates both the complainant and the defendant would be allowed to present and defend their case. The judgement is invariably issued within 90 days of the complaint. The Consumer Forum comes to your aid and makes sure that you get a good compensation for your loss or inconvenience with the online transaction.

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