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Article Marketing is Dead and I Have Proof

I have heard and read from various sources article marketing is ineffective.
It doesn't work and it's a complete waste of time.
You're absolutely right if you write your articles based on the following guidelines outlined below.
Make sure you have several or a lot of spelling errors and avoid using proper punctuations.
Using proper English is not necessary.
Don't worry about capitalization either because the word is still spelled correctly regardless.
On the other hand, to get your title noticed use all capitals in your title.
Sentence structure is not important and run on sentences are completely acceptable.
Previewing your article before submitting is also not necessary.
What you see is what you get.
It looks fine.
You don't have to consistently write and submit articles.
If you're not a good writer, take bits and pieces of several people's articles and combine them together into one article.
This is not plagiarizing.
Article writing is like writing one big advertisement with all the bells and whistles.
Write self-serving articles and include clickable website links.
Better yet write articles on "how to" do something illegal online or write inappropriate material.
Make it obvious and fill your articles with keywords or keyword phrases.
The more keywords you use, the better your article will rank in search engines.
Submit to low quality article directories or to the wrong directories.
An article directory is an article directory no matter how you look at it.
Submitting to only a few and on an inconsistent basis is really all you need to do.
Long drawn out novel-like articles aren't always better.
Short articles with around 100 words are good enough.
Your resource box shouldn't contain any links because you already sold yourself in your article.
If that's the case you don't need a resource box.
If you're making all or even some of the mistakes listed above, then yes article marketing should be flushed down the toilet.
Article marketing is not rocket science.
People want quality and informative articles.
They don't want to know how it will make you successful.
I have also heard and read article marketing is vibrant and very much alive, extremely effective and the most widely used technique in promoting your business and getting targeted traffic.
I know for a fact article marketing is far from dead and I have solid proof! You're reading this article aren't you?

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