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Guidelines Of Using Dog Diapers

If used accordingly, dog diapers are very beneficial to owners and pets alike. They can avoid carpet spots, aid in house training and also avoid unwanted matting. If used improperly, they may cause more difficulties than they solve.

When to Use Dog Diapers

The most meaningful thing to contemplate about dog diapers is that they are not an alternative to house training. Unless medically determined, they are for short term use only.

These diapers are mainly for incontinent dogs. These dogs have a medical action that makes it impossible to control their bladder. Usual reasons for incontinence are leading age, hormonal imbalance or physical abnormalities. Incontinent dogs benefit greatly from dog diapers because the diapers keep the dog and its bedding clean and dry. Few incontinent dogs may want to use diapers for the rest of their lives.

Young puppies may need diapers just like their human equivalent. They can be used as an assistance to house training, guiding the puppy when and where it is suitable to eliminate.

There are other short-term situations where a diaper is suitable. Some of these may involve:

Taking your dog to visit a friend's Home
Plane tours
Hotel stays
Post surgical dogs unable to go outside


Cloth diapers can be cleaned and reused. This saves money and lessens the carbon footprint. They come in a large range of designs and colors for fashion attentive owners. The downside is that it may be nasty to wash and reuse the diaper. The beginning cost is also higher.
Dispensable diapers are appropriate and easy to dispose. The unit cost is lower, so there is less expense at the beginning.

Regrettably, just as the human version ends up in a landfill, so does the canine diaper? Over the long term, the cost becomes extra expensive than cloth.

Guidelines for Using

Most dog diapers are for urine, not feces. If your dog requires that type of protection and care, read the maker's instructions and manual with care. You may also want to buy a larger size and add more padding.

Diapers also differ in absorbency. Make your collection accordingly.

Fitting is very essential. Read and follow the guidance for measuring your pet.

It is necessary that the diaper be changed regularly. Do not leave a dog in a dirty diaper for hours on more. Besides the apparent irritation to the dog, it could cause discomfort or even contamination.

These diapers are not a replacement for house training. If you are having difficulty with training your dog, discuss to your veterinary surgeon or a trainer.

Canine incontinence can be a syndrome of more severe situation. Don't assume that a diaper is appropriate just because your pet is old. Have your vet check for basic causes. There may be a care to correlate the condition.

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