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How to Replace a Headlight in a Pontiac G6

    • 1). Open the hood and remove the pair of headlamp assembly securing screws.

    • 2). Remove the front grill fasteners by lifting them out from below.

    • 3). Remove the front grill and pull out the headlamp assembly from the vehicle.

    • 4). Release the ball stud from its retaining clamp in the fender bracket by pulling the headlamp assembly.

    • 5). Turn the bulb access cover counterclockwise to remove it.

    • 6). Pull out the bulb assembly by turning the bulb socket counterclockwise and disconnect the socket from the headlamp wiring harness.

    • 7). Remove the headlight bulb from its socket and replace it with a new bulb.

    • 8). Reinstall the access cover by turning it clockwise and push the headlamp assembly back into place, being sure to put the ball stud back into the retaining clamp.

    • 9). Push the front grill back into place.

    • 10

      Reinstall the front grill fasteners and the pair of headlamp assembly securing screws.

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