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Red Cross CPR Facts


    • The Red Cross has for nearly 100 years provides the Unites States with disaster relief. With this volunteer work, the organization has also taught countless individuals how to protect themselves, their families and those around them with CPR techniques.

    Types of Red Cross CPR Classes

    • The American Red Cross provides first aid, AED and CPR classes for individuals looking for confidence when having to respond in the case of an emergency. These skill provided during this training can help prevent further injuries or restore breathing in a patient. These CPR programs are available for people of any age, and Spanish-language classes are even available at certain American Red Cross locations. First-aid preparedness is a major concern of the American Red Cross.

      Some of the classes include: CPR Adult, Sport Safety Training, Babysitter's Training and First Aid for Children Today (F.A.C.T.). Other programs can be found on their official website and are available depending on location.

    How CPR Works

    • In case of an emergency, 911 should be called. Next, the injured person's head should be tilted and the chin lifted to check for breathing. Give the person two breaths. Position one's hands on the chest and push down on the chest about 30 times. Continue with this technique until help arrives. This technique is practiced during a CPR class on a dummy, where CPR professionals check the pressure applied to the chest to ensure the skills are learned properly.

    Benefits of Knowing CPR

    • CPR training is imperative for teachers and other education professionals. Other companies have required CPR training. This training is merely a means of preventing disasters from happening. If they do, these people are always trained and ready to help others with their skills.


    • One never knows when an emergency or a natural disaster may arise, and knowing proper CPR techniques will make those certified valuable in helping those around them.

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